Being a major aerospace engineering services and solutions for DO-254, DO-178B, DO-178C, DO-160, and ARP-4754 certified Avionics systems. Faststream Technologies is one-stop for providing vital aerospace engineering services and solutions for industrial businesses, business enterprises, military and UAV programs. The vast majority of Faststream Technologies aerospace engineering services work relates to supporting DAL-A systems in compliance with FAA and EASA which usually addresses the business demands and requirements of global aeronautical corporations across all over hardware components, software programs and application and system engineering. In addition, Faststream Technologies also provides services and solutions in mechanical engineering for Avionics systems.

aerospace engineering services

At Faststream Technologies, we’ve been delivering numerous aerospace engineering services on time for 5 of the world’s Top-10 aerospace corporations. Rated upon key parameters such as quality, delivery, the total cost of possession, agendas, value addition and client service.   Faststream Technologies frequently participates with clients on FAA (FEDERAL AVIATION ADMINISTRATION), SOI-I to SOI-IV and EASA audits for accreditation.

Faststream Technologies is accredited for ISO: 9001 and AS9100C standards, with immediate experience in operating on more than 50 systems for DO-254, DO-178B/C, DO-160 and ARP-4754 solutions. These types consist of Flight Control systems, Cockpit Display Systems, Communication Systems and Navigation Systems, In-Flight Entertainment Systems, Electronic Airline Flight Bag, Cabin Management Systems and Surveillance Systems, and others. The company achieved AS9100 accreditation in 2015.