Smart Parking System By Implementing Internet of Things

By making use of hardware such as raspberry pi, auridino boards etc, we designed the smart parking system. Raspberry pi is the preferred microcontroller for our application as we are aiming at less power consumption and good performance. NOOBS installer which is loaded into the storage device of microcontroller consists of various hardware supportable operating systems which are low on power consumption.


parking fig
Fig.1: Architecture of Smart Parking System

Figure 1 depicts the cloud based IoT architecture for smart parking system which has cloud service provider to store information using cloud storage about status of parking slots in parking area. The information such as number of slots, availability of vehicles is stored in centralized server which can be accessed by secured gateways through network.

The smart parking system has various components with different functions. The centralized server performs the task of maintaining database to store information about parking spaces. Raspberry pi implements the parking system and it is attached to raspberry pi camera. Pi-camera captures the parking area for finding out filled and vacant space. The navigation system has the role to navigate the users to the nearest parking area from the location of the user. The display device displays the admin side interface to modify the parking space by observing the device. The user can connect to the smart parking system with their phones and browser.

The SPS is attached with pi camera using the features of raspberry pi 2 to locate filled and vacant space in the parking area. The system has control points on all the parking slots which will be used by the camera as reference points. Using the protocols such as HTTP, CoAP with basic JSON interface and central server, the information regarding multiple slots in a parking area and multiple parking areas in a city can be accessed.

The central server has the updated information regarding availability of parking slots which is used by user and parking operators to locate parking space. The administrator can add or remove parking slots by providing the description about the parking area. The updated timing for all parking slot is displayed.


The smart parking system is economical and provides an effective solution to reduce the time and reduce the chaos created due to unnecessary traveling of vehicles in the parking area. The system is well managed to display the status of parking slots through the web browser.