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Naturally accompanying this population shift of perception is a deeper attention, sensitivity, and awareness of the place. Process and functional use of water and aquatics in both health and disease. These public health concerns are evidenced in the widening use of bottled drinking waters along with extensive new designs and construction for home relaxation showers, whirlpool baths, and herbal hot tubs. Floating pools and water parks. Comprehensive aquatic is the emerging as a new form of spa culture that reaches across the full range of healthcare and medicine.

Further evidence of this spreading interest in aquatics is witnessed by the numerous health and lifestyle. Wellness and spa conferences for both professionals and Consumers. For example, the international Spa Association Education Foundation now suggests the use of spa culture can be evaluated and better understood, comprehensively. In this modern 21st century technology enable that spa environment in remotely located computer communication systems and control assemblies and software connected by a standard Internet connection and capable of bilateral transfer and interpretation of status files. Also presented herein are business processes of remotely managing, monitoring, and/or controlling the environmental parameters of spa environments using electronic control systems installed in the spa in combination with a remotely located control system, wherein the two systems are in communication through an Internet connection.

Create to deliver a spa experience for Spa OEMs, the Spa Dealers, & Spa owner beyond anything ever seen in the Hot Tub industry. So our spa IoT controller enhancing the features include.

  • Remote monitoring of the health of the spa
  • Access to the information by the homeowner, dealer, technician, Spa OEMs
  • Create spa models with the associated devices (IoT gateway, control, panel, pump/s, etc)
  • Error codes, fault logs accessible remotely
  • Connection Information
  • Usage Information
  • New apps for homeowner, dealer, technician, & Spa OEMs
    • New Smart device Apps for Home Owner (Android and iOS)
    • Service Details accessed via Web Portal
  • Demographic information
    • Weather Information based on spa location
  • New Status Information
    • Logs, Events

Overall Architectural Views of Our Aquatic Spa Controller IoT Application


IoT Gateway

  • IoT gateway used connects the spa controller to cloud, web application and mobile application (iOS and Android)
  • IoT gateway running on customized Linux OS and Java runtime environment.
  • Gateway connectivity through Wifi or Ethernet
  • Protocols used for communication with spa controller and cloud using RS485 data bus and MQTT mosquitto broker respectively


  • Updated Wi-Fi radio technology
    • Wi-Fi 802.11a/b/g/n
  • Provides Signal Strength
    • WLAN Maximum Output Power 18dBm (Type)
  • Includes an RJ45 Ethernet Port for hardwire installation alternative
  • Wireless Connectivity via web access
  • Push Firmware Updates
  • User can provision the IoT Gateway using mobile applications (iOS and Android) and the application has all the controls and settings option to control the spa controller packs (i.e., light, pumps, temperature, time of day, spa location, user details etc)
  • Over the Air, Software can be updated on the IoT gateway via the cloud server if a new version of the software is available on the server

Spa Controller

  • Spa controller consisting all the system hardware control units such as the heater, pumps, lights, various sensors, relay and the filter cycle which is to be controlled by the spa panel user commands
  • It controls all the events by receiving user commands via the IoT gateway and spa panel using cloud environment

Spa Panel

  • It is a UI device and connected to both IoT gateway and spa controller via the RS485 data bus
  • Using this device user can perform all the events in the spa controller if present physically near to their spa
  • It used to sends and receives the messages/acknowledgment to the IoT gateway and spa controller
  • Also updates the current status of the spa, so that user can see their spa status in UI

Spa Controller Events Through Web Portal Access

  • Website access provides for the homeowner, dealer, technician, & Spa OEMs
  • Perform remote diagnostics on the spa from the website
  • The simple indicator that the spa is healthy
  • Ability to understand the problem before rolling the technician
  • Remote Access to technical commands
  • User type defines access & information available
  • Spa OEMs controls & sets up access / users
  • Alerts / Notices
    • Sent to Home Owner, Technician, Dealer, Spa OEMs
    • Available on Web
  • Push Notifications / Alerts
    • For the homeowner to replace filters
    • Replace UV sanitizer bulbs
  • List of all active Spas
  • Alerts and Online Status Notifications

Spa Control Through Mobility Application

Connecting the Spa controller using two variant mobile application (i.e. Android and iOS) platform using gateway and internet. When the user not physically present near to the spa panel at that time this mobile application access useful to control the system.

Technology Expertise

Shell scripting is used to control all the hardware units and java agent is running for all the Backend Events Within the embedded Linux operating system Interface. A custom JAVA KVM has been designed to decode and encode RS-485 messages using WBG API, and communications with the Messaging server via MQTT.

The MongoDB is the central storage location for all application and spa data.

Software Components

Portal Application
  • Java script application
  • Google Polymer
  • PHP
  • OAuth 2.0 iOS
Message Processing
  • Java Spring
  • Pushy
  • Mongo
Gluu IDM
  • Software OpenID
  • SAML 2.0
  • UMA
  • SCIM
  • Oauth2.0REST
API Service
  • Java
  • Spring
  • Mongo
  • REST
  • 0Auth 2.0 OData

Challenges and Risks of the Development

We started with zero ideas. With some reference, we got to hold on how the IoT system works for connecting the gateway to the cloud multiple layers on the cloud server and also we need to configure the MQTT message processor, rest API, MongoDB, IDM Gluu, the web portal to the entire spa controller. Some more challenges are.

  • Improve Over the Air Updates of Gateway
  • Improve CMS App Gateway Provisioning
  • Create a diagnostics tool for the IOT Servers
  • MQTT server porting to Linux System
October 30, 2017

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