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Two Way, Real-Time Integration Between SAP And Magento

Your small business already operates on SAP – your best-of-breed venture software program. Nevertheless, now you would like the e-commerce option. You could start to go through the world’s foremost e-commerce platform – Magento?

SAP & Magento

You can now provide the ability involving SAP in your suppliers, sellers, shoppers, along with sales reps by way of the fully-integrated Magento-powered e-commerce website. *Which means details that your particular b2b shoppers need to do business along — including customized costs, supply availableness, along with reporting files – can be obtained in their mind with real-time.

How It Works


Your b2b customers are validated against information in SAP at login.


After logged in, one’s b2b shoppers will still only discover what exactly they’re supposed to see… based on the organization rules people from the SAP.

Although you may make as well as helping several brands, ones b2b end users will likely be sent for their unique tailored on the net directory, while using the suitable branding plus the ideal solution & value determined by what’s in SAP.


We’ve bypassed the Magento shopping cart functionality and replaced it with our own custom, SAP-integrated shopping cart. This ensures:

  • real-time inventory
  • SAP business rule enforcement

Our integration eliminates the need to duplicate information or maintain it in two places.

Post-Order Self-Service Portal

The program should go over and above the conventional list operates to deliver the b2b clients using up-to-the-second information after they want it. With his self-service functionality, they will enter purchase information for many orders positioned along with you— not merely those that are available on the web. They can utilize this information to create small business selections for the soar, and in some cases care for exceptional concerns with start accounts.