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Smart Sensors For Industrial Applications

The Sensor can provide better results and additional notable energy savings when they get a lot smarter—and Faststream Technologies is helping them move in that direction. One example is an inertial sensor that is connected with a Machine Learning Core (MLC) and a Finite State Machine (FSM). A comprehensive feature of this sensor is that it has an embedded Machine Learning Core. Engineers can present definite parameters of the decision tree with Weka, an open source collection of machine learning algorithms.

Rather using a host microcontroller (MCU) to keep up with an algorithm and make ready a  closure from the accessible data, which wants more energy, the Machine Learning Core in the sensor can run an inductive algorithm at a fraction of the power consumption.Hence, the system can acknowledge particular activities, carry positions, or count steps, by detecting activities of the users’ and understanding from predefined patterns.

Faststream Technologies LSM6DSOX helps main OS needs, providing real, virtual and batch sensors with 9kb for dynamic data batching. It helps with different event-based break ups, Finite State Machine (FSM) for accelerometer, gyroscope, and external sensors and even Machine Learning Core (MLC).

The LSM6DSOX fully supports EIS and OIS applications as the module includes a dedicated configurable signal processing path for OIS and auxiliary SPI, configurable for both the gyroscope and accelerometer. High robustness to mechanical shock makes the LSM6DSOX the preferred choice of system designers for the formation and production of reliable products.


What are the newest sensor innovations from Faststream Technologies?

Faststream Technologies carries on to innovate new sensors and technology which are ultra-low power, low noise, more accurate and higher performance. Our new sensors are easy to design, implement and even adjust.

One such example is the inclinometer IIS3DHHC. The IIS3DHHC is an ultra-low noise, high-stability three-axis linear accelerometer. The sensing element is manufactured using a stalwart micromachining process developed by Faststream Technologies to construct inertial sensors and actuators on silicon wafers. The IC interface is produced using a CMOS process that permits a high level of integration to design a allocated circuit which is trimmed to match the characteristics of the sensing element better. The IIS3DHHC is available in a high-performance (low-stress) ceramic cavity land grid array (CC LGA) package and can operate within a temperature range of -40 degrees Celsius to +85 degrees Celsius.

Faststream’s  LPS35HW is a water and chemical resistant ultra-compact piezo-resistive pressure sensor which functions as a digital output barometer. The sensing element, which perceives absolute pressure, comprises a suspended membrane manufactured using a dedicated process developed by ST. The LPS35HW is available in a holed ceramic LGA package. It is guaranteed to operate over a temperature range extending from -40 degrees Celsius to +85 degrees Celsius. The package is holed to permit external pressure to reach the sensing element. The gel inside the IC protects the electrical components from harsh environmental conditions.

What is the landscape and applications of such sensors in Asia ?

Asia has not only the biggest manufacturing facility in the world but it also houses big and small R&D centres. Most of the companies related to sensor business are present in India.

Some of the applications where our sensors are used are mobile-phones, wearables, drones, shared bikes, automobiles, toys, telecom antennae, printers, tracking devices and home appliances. Also, sensors are escalating in various Industrial applications. Some Industrial applications are vibration monitoring, theft detection and environmental monitoring.

Faststream Technologies has a  powerful team present across Asia to assist our customers whatever the locations. We not only help our customers with sensors but leverage our presence in microcontrollers, connectivity, and power management devices.

March 17, 2020

ADAS - Advanced Driver Assistance Systems

ADAS - Advanced Driver Assistance Systems
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