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The Age of Smart Agriculture Will Help The Farmers in India

The need to make the businesses of farmers more productive, profitable and less tedious has driven experts to build technology for high-precision crop examination, gathering of data from the field, and efficient logisitics management. The farmers are likely going to witness the agriculture business to get increasingly profitable with the utilization of recent advancements in Smart Agriculture.

Although still early in India, Internet of Things (IoT) has officially affected the nation’s farming industry for the past few years.

Some of the latest smart farming technologies being implemented are listed below:

Sensor network for weather prediction and disease prevention

With depreciation in sensor and chip cost, it is easy to deploy a more dense sensor network that estimates factors like T/RH/Soil dampness and run disease forecast for yields like coffee, tea, potatoes etc.

Smart Irrigation

Remotely controlled water pumps can be used to irrigate the crops in a field in an effective manner. This is guided by the in-ground sensors, that continuously checks to see if water is equally circulated in every section of the field, and then utilizes DTMF or GPRS to locate the dry patch of land, then the sprinklers are triggered to water these sections of the field.

Resource Managment for farmers

Tracking the live location of the farm produce when it is transferred from the farm to market using QR code or Bluetooth, and update the information in real time on the cloud.

Warehouse Management

Faststream Technologies has developed a WSN network that lets warehouse owners know the real-time conditions of the warehouse that’s used for storing the produce. When the environmental parameters of the warehouse deviate from the ideal limits, it will harm the stored product.

Livestock Management

In animal husbandry, RFID is being used to track the location of farm animals in the field. It can also be used to mark certain animals who have been vaccinated or to get notifications that an animal has passed through a particular gate.


To know more, check Faststream’s Smart Agriculture solution; the answer to the Indian farmer woes.

March 25, 2019

Digital Twin

Digital Twin
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